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Proposed school closings could include Denby High, a community hub and catalyst for transformation in Detroit

As I entered the school last week I noticed a quiet I had never associated with this building. The usually boisterous students moved almost silently from one class to another. I missed the normal yelling and jostling of my young people at Denby High School. A student in the hallway asked me, "Ms. Sandra, do you know they are going to close our school?"

Making connections and moving forward at MEC's legislative breakfast

Good food, good conversation and a good turnout -- despite an overnight snowstorm -- made the Michigan Environmental Council's legislative breakfast on Tuesday perhaps our best yet.

Michigan Environmental Council lays out policy agenda for 2017-2018

Testing all children for lead exposure, passing a statewide code for septic systems and becoming the first state east of the Mississippi River to open an Office of Outdoor Recreation are among the priorities in a new policy agenda unveiled Monday by the Michigan Environmental Council.

President's Column: Moving forward, recommitted to protecting the health of Michigan's people and environment

November 9 didn't turn out to be the morning many of us had hoped for or expected. Between Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, a scant 80,000 votes–fewer than the number of Michigan football fans at the Big House on a typical fall Saturday–determined the outcome in the Electoral College. In Michigan, the difference was just over 10,000 votes, about two-tenths of a percentage point.

Big win for the Great Lakes: Schuette says no to fish farms in public waters

MEC and allies have argued for more than two years that commercial fish farms have no place in our Great Lakes. This week, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette agreed.

Michigan Climate Action Network helps communities take action against climate change

Founder Tom Porter focuses on growing local efforts to build future capacity

Though he made a name for himself as a venture capitalist, Tom Porter may have been destined to be an environmental activist.

MEC uses panel appointment to push for more recycling and composting, less landfilling

Michigan's landfill-first approach to waste management is getting a much-needed overhaul, and MEC is helping to lead the charge.

100% renewable cities

New campaign brings fight for action on climate to local level

In a day of events in Traverse City focused on climate change, former Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell encouraged community members to act locally and shared his vision of how setting a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025 is changing life for the better in Grand Rapids.