Human Health

Health care is one of the most pressing political issues of our time, and environmental quality plays a critical role in keeping Michiganders healthy.

From the Upper Peninsula to Detroit, too many Michigan residents struggle with preventable illnesses that are directly linked to industrial pollution and environmental degradation.

Behind Michigan’s high rates of asthma, lead poisoning, and childhood obesity lies an environmental trigger—air pollution, poor drinking water quality, and the millions of residents who lack access to fresh, nutritious food.

We believe it’s time we treat the root causes of Michigan’s public health crises, not simply the symptoms. The Environmental Council's work focuses on connecting the dots between diseases and their environmental causes. Our objective is to secure meaningful policy victories that improve the health of all Michiganders, especially those most vulnerable: children, low-income populations, and the communities of color who disproportionately bear the brunt of industrial pollution.


Lead Poisoning

Ending childhood lead poisoning -- it’s one of Michigan Environmental Council’s boldest goals. It’s also entirely achievable.

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Healthy Food Access

We’re working toward a future where Michigan’s children have ample and consistent access to healthy foods that nourish their growth, learning and development.

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Clean Air

Power plants, industrial pollution, and traffic-choked roads are emitting a range of toxins into our air that harms public health and contributes to climate change.

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Drinking Water

People across Michigan are wondering: Is my water safe to drink? Whom can I trust for honest answers about my tap water? Why do my water bills keep going up?

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Public Lands

Michigan is well positioned to become a national leader in outdoor recreation -- boosting our economy and strengthening our state’s commitment to conservation. We believe that a dedicated state office can make it happen.

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