Mid-Michigan members

From the Michigan's tri-city area to its Capitol and beyond, each mid-Michigan members is doing its part to protect and boost environmental health.

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Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination

This regional, grassroots environmental organization centered in the Great Lakes fosters awareness of environmental issues, especially those chemical-related, through a network of citizens and groups. It is based in Clare.

Community Alliance for the People

This Saginaw community organization improves the lives of residents by making local government accessible and accountable; educating and empowering individuals to affect meaningful change; and by advocating for equity and justice. Its pillars: education, environment, and justice.

Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint

This group grows diverse environmental justice leaders and just relationships to secure a healthy, sustainable future by and for Flint residents. It advocates and participates in informed, equitable planning and investment to lift people out of poverty and create a healthier planet.

Friends of the Shiawassee River

It began with Jim Miner, who, in the 1970s, organized some of the first volunteer Shiawassee River clean-up events in Owosso. He inspired others, who ultimately formed this nonprofit. This group now cleans up its namesake river, promotes reforestation near its banks, and offers educational, fun community events to improve the greater watershed's health.

Healthy Pine River

This nonprofit of 500 volunteers seeks to improved water quality and sediment by removing harmful bacteria, agricultural nutrients, invasive species and human-caused sandbars and land formations in the Pine River. It works with Alma-area, mid-Michigan and government officials; local residents; and Alma College students and professors to make their mission happen.

Liaison for Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation

This group serves as a liaison for Meridian Township residents in local government affairs. It seeks to work with leaders to preserve the natural beauty of the community; to protect our environment and natural resources from being damaged by the effects of development; and to limit the amount of growth in Meridian Township.

Lone Tree Council

Since 1978 this Bay City-based environmental justice organization has pressed the state and Dow Chemical Corporation to inform and protect the thousands of people living in an area of the Tittabawassee River floodplain contaminated with dangerous levels of dioxin. It does so through education, lobbying and old-fashioned organizing.

Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council

While based in Lansing, Mid-MEAC improves the environment and quality of life across mid-Michigan. Its education and activism programs focus on river protection, sustainable business, trails, green-ways and green transportation.