Environmental Justice

Living in a clean, safe and healthy community should be a basic human right, but industrial pollution and climate change threaten many residents’ health and prosperity.

From water quality to sustainable transit, climate change and renewable energy, every issue that MEC focuses on can be linked to environmental justice (EJ).

The two basic tenets of EJ are that no group of people — whatever their race, color, national origin, or income — should disproportionately bear negative environmental impacts. EJ also holds that people should have meaningful voices in decisions that impact their environment and health.

MEC’s EJ work centers around educating and encouraging state leaders to develop environmental justice guidelines that encourage citizen participation on issues that impact their environment and health. We are also part of the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition where we support our member groups, organizations, and communities that are working on the frontlines of the environmental justice movement.

Regional Transit in SE Michigan

Cities work best when everyone can get around, but for too long Detroit and its surrounding suburbs have focused on moving cars instead of people.

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Drinking Water

People across Michigan are wondering: Is my water safe to drink? Whom can I trust for honest answers about my tap water? Why do my water bills keep going up?

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Clean Air

Power plants, industrial pollution, and traffic-choked roads are emitting a range of toxins into our air that harms public health and contributes to climate change.

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Healthy Food Access

We’re working toward a future where Michigan’s children have ample and consistent access to healthy foods that nourish their growth, learning and development.

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Lead Poisoning

Ending childhood lead poisoning -- it’s one of Michigan Environmental Council’s boldest goals. It’s also entirely achievable.

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