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These member groups make an impact across all Michigan, whether through multiple offices, staff at the Capitol or member groups of their own.

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Alliance for the Great Lakes

The Alliance for the Great Lakes seeks to conserve and restore the world's largest freshwater resource using policy, education and local efforts, ensuring healthy Great Lakes and clean water for all generations. It is based in Chicago and has a Detroit office.

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is an international organization with 21 chapters in Michigan. Our consistently respectful, nonpartisan approach to climate education is designed to create a broad, empowering, sustainable foundation for climate action across all geographic regions and political inclinations, from the local level to the international. 

Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination

This regional, grassroots environmental organization centered in the Great Lakes fosters awareness of environmental issues, especially those chemical related, through a network of citizens and groups. It is based in Clare. 

Clean Water Action

Clean Water Action is a national organization with local offices in East Lansing, Ann Arbor and Clinton Township. Together, they work to promote clean water, making democracy work and environmentally safe, and water-related jobs locally and statewide.

Ecology Center

From its Ann Arbor headquarters, Ecology Center develops and advances innovative solutions that lead to cleaner energy, better chemicals and less waste. These, in turn, make for healthy people and a healthy planet.

Evergreen Action

This advocacy group works to put bold climate action at the top of America's agenda, mobilize the nation to defeat climate change, and create millions of union jobs in an clean energy economy.

The logo of Evergreen Action

For Love of Water (FLOW)

This Traverse City-based nonprofit ensures the waters of the Great Lakes Basin are healthy, public, and protected for all. They do so, especially, by preserving and promoting the public trust doctrine, which holds that water is meant for the people.

Great Lakes Council of Fly Fishers International

The Great Lakes Council serves as the voice of both fly fishing and conservation methods that keeps fly fishing prosperous in Michigan, Indiana, northwest Ohio and southwestern Ontario through Fly Fishers International.

Great Lakes Environmental Law Center

Michigan’s foremost environmental legal advocacy organization works with affected residents to create multi-faceted solutions that will right wrongs. GLELC focuses on environmental issues within communities of color and low-income communities, as they are more severely impacted and often lack access to legal services.

The logo for Great Lakes Environmental Law Center

Great Lakes Mediation

Great Lakes Mediation has more than 25 years of experience negotiating settlements in complex, multi-party litigation between private parties, public entities and state and federal regulatory agencies. It specializes in environmental and property litigation, including coastal law. It is based in Traverse City.

League of Michigan Bicyclists

From its office in Lansing, the League of Michigan Bicyclists promotes bicycling and the safety of bicyclists on the roads of Michigan through advocacy, public policy, education and community events. It is supported by 39 member bike shops, 26 member bike clubs and a host of individuals, businesses and organizations. 

Michigan Association of Land Banks

Land banks are entities that acquire, manage, and even redevelop property. They often take in blighted or otherwise unused buildings and developed land to make them into things like affordable housing, parks, or businesses. The Michigan Association of Land Banks represents and advocates for all land banks in the state from its Kalamazoo headquarters.

The logo for the Michigan Association of Land BanksAC

Michigan Audubon

From its Okemos office, Michigan Audubon's 32 local chapters and 3,000 individual and business members connect people with birds for the benefit of environmental research, conservation and education in the state.

Michigan Botanical Society

This Okemos-based organization leads four local chapters and one regional chapter of botanical clubs. Together, they do following to conserve native plants: educate, sponsor research and legislation, establish sanctuaries and natural areas, and aid in natural resource and scenic programs.

Michigan Climate Action Network

This group amplifies, connects, and supports the people, organizations, and communities demanding urgent, bold, and equitable climate action.

The logo for Michigan Climate Action Network

Michigan Clinicians for Climate Action

This coalition of health professionals focused mitigates and prevents the health effects of climate change by educating, empowering and engaging health professionals, policy makers and everyday people from its Traverse City office.

Michigan Energy Efficiency Alliance

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance advances sound energy efficiency policies, programs and priorities to stretch existing energy resources and reduce the need for imported energy supplies. It does so through a coalition of Midwest utilities, local and state governments, non-profits, manufacturers, retailers, consultants and others from its Chicago office.

Michigan Energy Options

Michigan Energy Options guide communities toward being more sustainable and resilient through the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy. It does this with unbiased expertise, research, results-driven programs and collaboration with stakeholders. It has impacted 2 million residents across the state from its East Lansing, Marquette and Grand Rapids locations.

Michigan Lakes and Streams Association

Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation made up of organizations, corporations, lake associations, and individuals who share the goal of preserving and protecting Michigan’s vast heritage of inland freshwater resources. It is based in Kalamazoo, but its 300 individual members and 250 lake organizations representing 100,000 more individuals are located throughout the state.

Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

Michigan LCV's Education Fund engages elected officials, business leaders and Michigan residents to take action on the most pressing land, air and water issues facing the state. It conducts nonpartisan civic engagement work - such as "get out the vote" efforts and citizen organizing on specific policy issues - from its Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Traverse City offices.

Michigan League of Women Voters

This chapter of a national, non-partisan, political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy. The Michigan League of Women Voters is based in Lansing but serves all state residents through its 29 chapters.

Michigan Nurses Association

This union of registered nurses is the largest in Michigan, working to change workplaces so that there are enough nurses for patients, that no nurse is forced into working overtime, that injuries become few and far between and that nurses have a voice. It is headquarters is in Okemos.

Michigan Organic Food & Farm Alliance

This alliance of individuals, organizations and farms together promote organic agriculture and the development and support of food systems that revitalize and sustain local communities. MOFFA's office is in Okemos, where it seeks to promote and grow its list of 142 organic farmers and growers.

Michigan Recycling Coaltion

The Michigan Recycling Coalition fosters sustainability by leading, educating and mobilizing business, governments, nonprofits and individuals to advance their own and collective resource use and recovery initiatives in Michigan. It is based in Lansing.

Michigan Resource Stewards

This Midland-based organization is made of natural resource and environmental professionals protecting the sustainability and conservation of Michigan's natural resources while opposing the politicization of resource management and decisions based on unscientific principles.

Michigan Trout Unlimited

This council is made of 20 Michigan local chapters of Trout Unlimited. Like its local members, the Dewitt-centered council protects, conserves, and restores cold water fisheries and their watersheds.

Michigan Waterfront Alliance

This coalition protects, preserves and promotes the wise use of inland waters in Michigan for future generations. It does so by participating in legislative efforts, court cases, agencies and departments, largely in tandem with fellow member group Michigan Lakes and Streams Association. It is based in Fenton.

Mighty Earth

This international nonprofit working to make big, structural changes. It persuades leading industries to dramatically reduce deforestation and climate pollution throughout their global supply chains while improving livelihoods for Indigenous and local communities.

Mighty Earth's logo, featuring a trio of mountains

National Parks Conservation Association

This national organization protects and enhances the national park system by raising voices through advocacy and connecting people with culture and the world. Its Midwest offices in Illinois and Minnesota work closely with Michigan's five national parks.

Oxfam America

This global organization fights inequality to end poverty and injustice. They're building a more equal future with others.

PFAS Alliance

This citizen-led organization unites communities impacted by PFAS contamination in drinking water and amplifies diverse voices to together hold local, state and federal decision-makers accountable. It is based in Ada.

Scenic Michigan

This Ann Arbor-based organization seeks to preserve, protect and enhance Michigan's beautiful rural and urban landscapes. Through its parent group, Scenic America, it combats billboard blight, advocates for thoughtful sign and lighting controls, supports dark skies initiatives, enhances scenic byways, protects Michigan’s vistas.

The Stewardship Network

TSN, an Ann Arbor-based organization, exists to connect, equip, and mobilize people and organizations to care for land and water in their communities. Through shared experiences, knowledge, and resources, this group continues to build an ever larger and more impactful network of place-based collectives (TSN Member Communities) to care for our natural environment.

Take Action Global

Take Action Global works worldwide—Michigan included—with students, teachers, educational institutions, and organizations to use climate education as a force for environmental action. It's headquartered in Florida.


This nonprofit builds and enables zero-waste systems that eliminate the need to product items that will end up in a landfill, incinerated, or dumped. It builds community around zero-waste solutions and helps people champion in their homes, communities, and places of work.