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No single organization is endowed with all the answers to solving every challenge facing our land, air, water, and places, but TOGETHER we can move the needle.

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Since 1980 the Environmental Council has been a convening place for our state’s most impactful environment and conservation organizations (ECOs). We know that organizations like yours possess unique knowledge and influence to make Michigan a national environmental policy leader. You will join a powerful network of advocates calling for enduring and equitable policies that protect the health of our communities and offer unparalleled stewardship of our land, air, and water.

DRIVE THE LANSING POLICY AGENDA. To build the future we want for Michigan, we have to drive systemic change in the capital. Our ability to work with with policymakers across political divides, build uncommonly effective campaigns, and get things done in Lansing is what defines us. As a member organization, you’ll help us craft a visionary policy agenda that puts our people, and this place we love, first.

NETWORK ACROSS THE STATE. From Detroit to Menominee, Kalamazoo to the Sault, Environmental Council members represent every community and provide expertise on every environmental challenge facing the state. As a member you’ll be connected to this deep and expansive network, amplifying your own knowledge and capacities and building the strength of our movement to call for progress.

STRENGTHEN YOUR ORGANIZATION. Our Environmental Council members are driving critical impact on the ground in communities across Michigan. We believe in the important work your team tackles day-to-day, and we strive to be a catalyst for support. In 2023, we facilitated more than $2 million in spending on member-driven projects and priorities, from court battles to advocacy campaigns. We know that when you succeed, so does our movement.

Organizational Membership Dues 

The Environmental Council offers two distinct tiers of membership for organizations, providing greater flexibility and tailored benefits.

  • The Core Member tier ensures that you have a clear voice in the governance of our organization and are helping shape our policy agenda. In addition, members have access to better networking and professional development opportunities. ($250)
  • The Movement Builder tier offers you an expanded tool set to strengthen the movement and your organization. This includes a funding source for joint member projects, a ticket to our new movement-wide conference, discounts on professional development training, and invitations to be priority partners on our grants. ($500)

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