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No single organization, politician, or business leader is endowed with all the answers to solving every challenge facing our environment and communities—but TOGETHER we can move the needle.


At MEC, we believe that all Michiganders share an inherent set of values for our environment and communities - and that it's our job to turn those values into statewide priorities, policies, and lasting protections so that we can live healthier lives in a more sustainable and resilient state. To do that, we must work collaboratively with members like you, policymakers, allies and advocates to achieve this vision. 

WE REPRESENT YOU AT IMPORTANT TABLES. Whether it's the Governor's office, the Michigan legislature, key coalitions and commissions, other state agencies, or the media landscape, we have a seat at the tables where decisions are being made. As an MEC member, your priorities, concerns, and ideas help guide our strategies for making impact in the policy space.

WE PROVIDE POLICY EXPERTISE & KNOWLEDGE. Our policy team is comprised of experts on current environmental issues, from energy and climate change; water use and protection; transportation; public health and food policy; natural resources and conservation; environmental justice; and agriculture. As you work to achieve big goals, you'll have exclusive access to ask questions, provide feedback, and brainstorm creative ways to shape impact.

WE UNIFY & FIGHT FOR MICHIGAN'S ENVIRONMENTAL AGENDA. We know that to build the future we want for Michigan, we have to drive systemic, revolutionary change. Our ability to work with bipartisan policymakers, build uncommonly powerful coalitions, and get things done in Lansing is what defines us - and it's led to key wins, like playing an instrumental role in the MI Healthy Climate Plan, influencing big utilities to accelerate coal retirement, and more.

WE'RE A HUB FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATES, LIKE YOU. We know that we are strongest when we stand together, united as an environmental movement. We strive to be a connecting block between our members, other environmental organizations, allied advocacy groups, friendly decision-makers, and key coalitions. As an MEC member, you'll not only connect with us, but also with our vast network of environmental advocates.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: $100 annually

Additional benefits include: 

  • Exclusive member communications - Membership gives you immediate access to MEC’s member newsletter, key programming and policy communications, private webinar invitations, our annual report and more.
  • Amplified storytelling around your work - MEC strives to amplify and share the incredible work of our members, who (like you) are in the trenches day-in, day-out. We'll help elevate your stories of impact on our far-reaching platforms.
  • Downtown Lansing office space - As an MEC member, you have immediate access to our historic, platinum LEED-certified office space in Downtown Lansing, just minutes from the Capitol.


Membership Application

Thank you for considering membership with the Michigan Environmental Council. Applications are submitted at our quarterly board meeting for consideration.