Land & Conservation

Michigan is rich with a diversity of land, water, and natural spaces. We’re standing up for science and working to conserve and protect our land for future generations to enjoy.

Since our founding in 1980, MEC has challenged attacks on public lands and the harmful exploitation of our forests and waterways for short-term gain. From blocking anti-science legislation to preventing efforts to put our public forests and lands up for sale, we work with our member groups to protect Michigan’s outdoor heritage.

Our conservation work extends beyond forests and wild spaces and into communities. We encourage local and state investments in parks, waterfronts, and greenways so that the underserved and urban communities have access to natural spaces. Our sustainable agriculture program focuses on replacing outdated agricultural practices with reforms that encourage sustainable, diverse food production without polluting our waters or harming our climate and wildlife.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Farming is an integral part of Michigan’s economy and can play a vital role in keeping our people, land and water healthy.

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Protecting Michigan's Coastal Sand Dunes

Michigan is home to the largest collection of coastal freshwater dunes in the world, earning us a reputation as one of the most beautiful places in America.

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Office of Outdoor Recreation

Michigan is well positioned to become a national leader in outdoor recreation -- boosting our economy and strengthening our state’s commitment to conservation. We believe that a dedicated state office can make it happen.

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