Sustainable Agriculture

Farming is an integral part of Michigan’s economy and can play a vital role in keeping our people, land and water healthy.

It’s time for Michigan to change its approach to agriculture and enact better policies that provide healthy food to our families while protecting our environment for future generations.

For too long we have allowed our drinking water to be polluted by unchecked agricultural practices. Climate change has ushered in more intense rainfalls, drought, and irregular winter thaws. Crop subsidies have limited our access to fresh, nutritious food and encouraged unhealthy eating among our most vulnerable populations. Widespread use of pesticides are killing our pollinators at an alarming rate, threatening the diversity of crops.

MEC’s goal is to combat these threats and position Michigan as a leader in sustainable food production. We work with farmers, policy makers, local governments and other stakeholders to better understand and solve these problems to keep our people, land, and water healthy for generations to come.

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