Healthy Food Access

We’re working toward a future where Michigan’s children have ample and consistent access to healthy foods that nourish their growth, learning and development.

Where you live shouldn’t dictate whether you have access to fresh, nutritious foods, but for 1.8 million Michiganders – including 300,000 children – it does.

The consequences of food insecurity are staggering. In Michigan, one in four children suffer from hunger, and many more lack access to fresh foods. They must rely on processed foods which cause obesity and a host of health issues including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

In a state with 10 million acres of farmland and the nation’s second-highest diversity of food crops, we can fix this problem by passing policies that support sustainable agriculture and by creating programs that connect farmers with nearby neighbors in need of fresh fruits and vegetables.

10 Cents a Meal

This state-funded program powered by MEC member group Groundwork Center provides schools and early childhood education centers with match incentive funding up to 10 cents per meal to purchase and serve fruits, vegetables and legumes grown nearby. It serves some 402,000 children across 52 of Michigan's 83 counties, keeping both kids and local economies healthy.

Sustainable Agriculture

MEC program director Tom Zimnicki is a board member for Michigan Agriculture Advancement, which promotes policies and investments best for a strong agricultural system, like crop rotations for healthy soil and fertilizer management for healthy water. 

It also works to empower farmers by creating networks that allow them to learn from one another and to find local and state markets best for them.

How We Work

Sustainable Agriculture

Farming is an integral part of Michigan’s economy and can play a vital role in keeping our people, land and water healthy.

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