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We work with almost 70 organizations to promote public policies that ensure Michigan families will enjoy clear waters, clean beaches, beautiful landscapes and healthy communities for years to come.

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Don’t let polluters write the rules

The State Senate recently passed two “fox guarding the henhouse” bills that will let companies who discharge pollutants write our environmental rules

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Delegation of State Rulemaking and Permitting Authority to Private Interests

Kudos to DEQ for taking a stand against some of the most dangerous environmental bills in memory. The agency submitted formal opposition to S.B. 652 and 653—recently passed by the State Senate—at a hearing yesterday in the House Michigan Competitiveness Committee. Those reckless bills would take authority for protecting our environment out of the hands of our elected officials and give it to panels made up of the very interests who directly profit from discharging pollutants into our air and water. Although DEQ submitted a “card” against the bills at the hearing, committee leaders did not make that fact known to those in attendance or the public.

Yesterday we shared the letter below with the House Michigan Competitiveness Committee, regarding Senate Bills 652 & 653, which would delegate state rulemaking and permitting authority to private interests. 

Environmental Justice Work Group recommendations provide clear path forward to a healthy environment for all Michiganders

The Environmental Justice Work Group (EJWG) appointed by Governor Snyder today publicly released their final report. The 23 members of the EJWG reached strong consensus on the final report’s 33 recommendations to address the Governor’s charge laid out in his 2017 State of the State address. 

Legislation would turn water use decisions in Michigan over to Nestlé and other large water users

Legislation that essentially gives a free pass for large water withdrawals and eliminates public input on large water withdrawals is on a fast track in the Michigan House of Representatives, receiving a hearing within a week of being introduced.