Legacy Land Conservancy volunteer named 2024 Petoskey Prize recipient

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Erb Family Foundation chair named 2024 Milliken Award recipient

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How 15 words have kept Michigan stuck in 2006

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One polluter panel down, one to go

What's a 'polluter panel'?

From dead zone to life abound: The Clinton River watershed

Michigan's most populous watershed stays resilient through struggle

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From a sand-covered ghost town, Michigan's dunes story rises

Ghost towns aren't just found in out-west deserts. Some are in the dunes of west Michigan, too.

From dead zone to life abound: The Clinton River watershed

Travel around southeast Michigan’s Clinton River watershed long enough and it may seem as if the local leaders of old had tried to hide away its lakes, streams and wetlands.

Major roads cross over the Clinton River from top to bottom, but it’s hard to notice you’re traveling on bridges, let alone over water. In Pontiac, the Clinton River disappears 30 feet below ground in a culvert. Sprawling strip malls and subdivisions don’t seem like places sprawling nature naturally exists in.

If concealment actually was the intent of the top brass of Metro Detroit and its hinterlands, though, their plans were certainly foiled.

Michigan Senate votes to unlock pollution rules

A single sentence has rendered the State of Michigan unable to protect people and ecosystems from water pollution for over 18 years. Legislation passed out of the Michigan Senate Wednesday would take a red pen to the phrase.