Sands of Time

Help us track how Lake Michigan's coastal dunes have changed over time by submitting historic photographs of the dunes!

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Support Tax Reform for Small Scale Solar

Urge your state rep to pass House Bills 4069 and 4465 to make it easier for all Michiganders to tap into solar energy

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Support Funding for Drinking Water

Michigan's drinking water problems are mounting in number and complexity. The threats are real, but there are some real solutions our lawmakers could enact now.

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PFAS in Michigan: What we know and what we need

PFAS are a pervasive group of manufactured chemicals that have been found in Michigan's drinking water.

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Working For A Healthy Environment

We work with almost 70 organizations to promote public policies that ensure Michigan families will enjoy clear waters, clean beaches, beautiful landscapes and healthy communities for years to come.

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Our program priorities detail Michigan's opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

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Consumers Energy plan a leap forward for combating climate change and saving Michiganders money

Recently a diverse set of stakeholders reached a deal with Consumers Energy over the utility’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IRP is a long-range plan that outlines how a utility will meet energy needs 5, 10, and 15 years into the future. Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) weighs in on IRPs to advocate for keeping costs low for Michiganders by retiring aging, expensive coal plants and replacing that generation with low cost renewables and reducing energy waste. The agreement arrived at in Consumers’ IRP sets a bold path forward for the utility and one that will reap significant dividends in cleaning up our air, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving us money on our utility bills.

Gov. Whitmer announces decision to bolster solar energy and protect pollinators on Michigan farmlands

LANSING - The Whitmer Administration announced an executive decision today that farmland sites under Public Act 116 of Michigan’s Farmland and Open Space Program can now host solar arrays and remain enrolled in the program. Currently, there are approximately 3.3 million acres of farmland under PA 116. Notably, the PA 116 sites that opt to add solar under this decision must also meet pollinator habitat standards as determined by the Michigan Pollinator Habitat Planning Scorecard for Solar Sites, a tool designed by researchers at Michigan State University. Solar energy is an important and growing clean, renewable resource in Michigan. Michigan Environmental Council released the following statement in support:

Conan Smith is new leader of Michigan Environmental Council

Conan Smith--an experienced nonprofit leader, policy innovator, and respected public official--will be the new CEO of Michigan Environmental Council. He’s been selected to fill the position vacated by Chris Kolb, who was appointed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to serve as State Budget Director.