West Michigan Members

West Michigan is home to some the oldest, and some of the newest environmental organizations in our state.

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  • Alliance for the Great Lakes

    Conserve and restore the world's largest freshwater resource using policy, education, and local efforts ensuring a healthy Great Lakes and clean water for all generations.

  • Dwight Lydell Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America

    The Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the United States. The League is a diverse group of some 40-50,000 men, women, and children, entire families dedicated to protecting our nation's soil, air, woods, waters, and wildlife. Our strength lies in our grassroots, commonsense approach to solving local, regional and national conservation issues. Our interests span the spectrum of outdoor recreation and conservation activities, from angling and birding to stream monitoring, wildlife photography, and hunting. But we all share one major goal: to protect and use sustainably America's rich resources to ensure a high quality of life for all people, now and in the future.

    Our Conservation Mission is to conserve, maintain, protect and restore the soil, forest, water and other natural resources of the United States and other lands; to promote means and opportunities for the education of the public with respect to such resources and their enjoyment and wholesome utilization."

  • Great Lakes Mediation

    More than a quarter century of experience negotiating settlements in complex, multi-party litigation between private parties, public entities and state and federal regulatory agencies.

  • Kalamazoo Environmental Council

  • Kalamazoo River Watershed Council

    We are a public, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to work collaboratively with the community, government agencies, local officials, and businesses to improve and protect the health of the Kalamazoo River, its tributaries, and its watershed.

  • Michigan Land Trustees, Inc.

    The Michigan Land Trustees a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to the goal of revitalizing rural and urban communities by promoting responsible land use and the development of localized food and energy systems.

  • Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

    The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is the leading source and champion for advancing sound energy efficiency policies, programs, and priorities to stretch our existing energy resources and reduce the need for imported energy supplies. MEEA balances the interests of our diverse members, creating a common ground to affect positive change. Through MEEA, utilities, local and state governments, non-profits, manufacturers, retailers, consultants, and others all work together toward a shared vision for energy efficiency in the Midwest.

  • Muskegon Save Our Shoreline

    To monitor and protect Muskegon Lake and other lakes in the Muskegon area from filling, degradation, and all forms of pollution, and to promote public access to Muskegon County lakes and streams.

  • Preserve the Dunes

    To protect the sand dunes and adjacent duneland ecosystems in southwest Michigan from impairment and destruction by sand dune mining, over-development, and inappropriate use.

  • West Michigan Environmental Action Council

    Founded by a diverse group of concerned citizens and organizational stakeholders, WMEAC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization uniquely positioned to respond to emerging issues and new threats to West Michigan’s natural and human ecologies, focused on building sustainable communities and protecting water resources.