Clean Air

Power plants, industrial pollution, and traffic-choked roads are emitting a range of toxins into our air that harms public health and contributes to climate change.

Air pollution, which causes asthma and other respiratory problems, is responsible for increased hospitalizations and premature deaths in Michigan every year. In fact, Michigan has one of the highest asthma rates in the country.    

Coal-fired power plants, where the largest slice of our electricity is generated, are the biggest culprit behind our polluted air. Automobiles, waste incinerators, refineries and other industrial sources also emit a range of toxins into our air and cost us billions in excess healthcare costs.

MEC and allies are leading efforts to cut down on air pollution from energy production, transportation, industry and other sources. We’re also calling on state and local leaders to accelerate our transition to clean energy.

Advancing Transportation

Michigan may be home to the Motor City, but to tackle climate change and ensure that all people have equitable access to transportation, we need to shift our focus to how we move people, not just cars.

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