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Melodic "Michigander" preferred by readers over highfalutin' "Michiganian"

Last issue, we asked an unbiased question and stood back disinterestedly to see the results:

  • Did readers prefer the term Michigander and its melodic, friendly, open, harmonious ring?
  • Or did they favor the term Michiganian, thus aligning themselves with nonnative, highbrow, overeducated socially sheltered wimps?

That story traced the term “Michigander” to Abraham Lincoln, who used it disparagingly in referring to Michigan territorial governor and presidential candidate Lewis Cass during Lincoln’s speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1848.

Michigander or Michiganian?

Dear Reader:

Upon inheriting responsibility for this newsletter two years ago, I vowed to use it as an advocacy tool, but also to maintain fairness, respect and openness to all opinions.

But I’ve grown weary over two years of infighting, name-calling and backbiting over a particularly polarizing and divisive issue here at the Michigan Environmental Council.

I need your help.

Report: Energy efficiency, renewable power would give economy a shot of adrenaline

MEC assists energy partner ACEEE in release of important study

The Michigan Environmental Council teamed with a Washington, DC nonprofit in December to release a report documenting the economic benefits of investing in energy efficiency and renewable power. The release was part of MEC's sustained effort to convince Michigan legislators to establish a renewable energy standard and aggressive energy efficiency programming for the state's ratepayers. At press time, MEC and its allies were continuing to press for those programs. Below is a summary of the report, which concludes that renewable power and efficiency is a win-win for the economy and environment.

Beware: Toxic dangers may lurk in holiday decorations

Artificial Christmas trees are not the only holiday decoration containing lead—a potent neurotoxin that is especially dangerous to the developing brains and bodies of young children. Here are other common decorations that may be a hazard.

Climate change in Michigan: Lower lakes, higher temps

Experts weigh in as international panel's reports show trouble for Great Lakes

Climate change is coming to Michigan and a Great Lake near you, according to a panel of experts convened to discuss recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Coalition slams brakes on controversial Big Rock nuclear park proposal

But plan to buy former atomic site will return in late 2007

An MEC-led coalition helped stop a controversial proposal to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to acquire the grounds of the former Big Rock Point nuclear power plant near Charlevoix.