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No Olympic bikinis? News scribe's latest jaw dropper cites Global Freezing

Detroit News editorial board member Henry Payne suggests this week that cool temperatures to start the London Olympics ("Global freezing" he calls it) will be a real downer for "media disciples of the Green Church" who "have been frightening Michigan and the U.S. with tales of global warming-induced drought."

Facts, not hysteria, on the cost of renewable energy in Michigan

There was a flurry of media attention last week when the Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs coalition turned in 530,000 petition signatures Friday. If approved, the group's ballot initiative will allow voters to decide whether to require the state's electric utilities to generate 25 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

Urban Chickens: Food & Fun!

Three new additions to our family arrived this spring - hens named Emma, Trunchable, and Getaway. No, we don't live in the country, but right inside the city limits of Traverse City.

Worms eat my garbage

A year ago, Becky Jo Farrington from Michigan Energy Options came to the Michigan Environmental Council office peddling worms.

Traverse recognizes energy as key to future

I was fortunate enough to find myself in Traverse City earlier this month. Unlike the happy tourists who were enjoying the shops, restaurants and beaches in that wonderful place, my purpose was to attend the Energy Efficiency Leadership Summit hosted by Michigan Land Use Institute (MLUI). This event was conceived as part of the ongoing regional dialogue known as The Grand Vision. It reflects awareness in this corner of Michigan that decision-making about energy will be a determining factor in the region's long-term economic performance.

A night to remember!

Déjà vu

We're a nation of champion procrastinators. That's my conclusion after reading National Geographic's special report, Energy: Facing up to the problem, getting down to solutions.

Don't Fence Me In

Limiting Public Land Jeopardizes Michigan's Character Nobody's going to confuse it with Chicago or Denver, but Lansing is an honest-to-God city, albeit mid-sized. We've got a decent food scene, a solid bus system, skyscrapers-even our own professional ball club.