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Governor Snyder: Call us maybe!?

Consider signing petition against "anti-biodiversity" legislation

The "anti-biodiversity" Michigan Senate Bill 78 recently passed the state Senate and is now headed for a vote in the House of Representatives.

Lead Education Day at the State Capitol was personal for one mother and daughter

Update: SB 78 "Anti-Biodiversity Bill" passes full Senate

SB 78, the "Anti-Biodiversity Bill" passed the full Michigan Senate on March 5.

"Anti-Biodiversity Bill" Hearings Continue

Another hearing on SB 78, the "anti-biodiversity bill," has been scheduled for Thursday, February 21. Last week's hearing was packed and those who were allowed to testify did a great job. Thank you League of Women Voters, Michigan Botanical Club and others! I have added some commentary below to explain and highlight some issues that were raised there.

Governor's energy hearings start on Valentine's Day, end on Earth Day! Be heard!

Since we love energy efficiency and clean renewable power here at MEC, it is quite appropriate that today - Valentine's Day - is the first of seven public forums on Michigan's energy policy called for by Governor Rick Snyder.

Fast-growing Michigan company thrives with energy-saving services

Think of clean renewable energy, and wind turbines and solar panels usually come to mind before energy efficiency. But a Northern Michigan firm has harnessed the growing efficiency market to score national recognition as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

Biodiversity: Key to healthy forests, yet target of terrible proposed law

A proposal in Michigan's legislature (SB 78) would needlessly undercut longstanding and important protections that are helping restore Michigan's natural resources and safeguard the genetic diversity of plants and animals managed on state lands.