COVID fund investments would make people, homes, planet healthier

Healthier, more affordable homes; cleaned-up communities; and a premiere electric vehicle workforce could soon be coming to Michigan.

It was all in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's vision for billions in unused American Rescue Plan dollars, which she revealed Monday afternoon.

The Michigan Environmental Council applauded her proposal, noting its emphasis on clean energy jobs and smart development will create financial and environmental resiliency.

"This summer, Michiganders have toughed out catastrophic flooding and power outages exacerbated by climate change and poor infrastructure," said Charlotte Jameson, program director of energy, drinking water and legislative affairs. "We shouldn't have to, and Gov. Whitmer's proposed American Rescue Plan investments recognizes this. It gives us, our communities and our planet the financial and infrastructural support we need to flourish."

Among Gov. Whitmer's proposed investments at the intersection of climate and personal resiliency were the following: 

  • $200 million for the Brownfield Bridge Fund, which communities could use to clean up polluted sites for homes and businesses. (Page 3)
  • $100 million for Community Revitalization and Placemaking Grants, which communities could use to clean up vacant and blighted sites for homes and businesses. (Page 5)
  • $100 million for the Housing and Community Development Fund, which communities could use to provide more affordable, safe and environmentally healthy homes to low-income families. (Page 16)
  • $40 million for the EV Friendliness Program, which will help make Michigan a leader in electric vehicle use, production and in cutting vehicle emissions. (Page 20)
  • $50 million in residential clean energy improvements, which will help people of all income levels live in homes that keep them and their planet healthier. (Page 26)

Full descriptions of all proposed American Rescue Plan investments by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer can be found here.


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