The Joe Louis Greenway - Capitol Connection webinar

On Oct. 29, the Joe Louis Greenway will have its first ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It will still have a few ceremonies to go, but once the trail's complete, you could run a full marathon on the Joe Louis Greenway… and then some. You could bike it and pass through 23 neighborhoods, four cities, and a smattering of art installations. You could walk it and veer off to go shopping for gifts or groceries, or you could stop at a community center or a bench and veg out on WiFi.

The City of Detroit's Joe Louis Greenway is and will be far more than just a trail to get your exercise on. It will be a place that connects communities, strengthens neighborhoods, protects nature, and gives people more options to get to where they want conveniently and safely.

And although it has a few more years of construction to go, its fans believe the Joe Louis could be the national standard for greenways, which are designated, protected paths used for both travel and environmental protection.

Among those most critical to the greenway's creation are Mark Wallace, Todd Scott, and Christina Peltier, leaders of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, the Detroit Greenways Coalition, and the City of Detroit's Joe Louis Greenway project team.

Join them and Environmental Council President & CEO Conan Smith as they share the history of the Joe Louis Greenway from infancy to eventual completion and what it will mean for the people that use it or live by it.



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October 07, 2022 at 11:30am - 12pm
Beau Brockett ·