Thursday Linkaround

On this date in 1945 U.S. Marines raised the now-famous flag on Iwo Jima, and in 1985 Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight infamously threw a chair across the court during a tirade. That has nothing to do with Michigan's environment, but it's a classic. Today's Linkaround, however, does connect to topics of interest for Michiganders and expats.

  • First, the International Joint Commission believes that micromanaging levels in Lake Ontario to keep them from fluctuating is bad for the environment, particularly coastal wetlands. Marinas, shoreline property owners and others aren't keen on letting nature have more of her way with lake levels. The IJC you may recall, is former MEC President Lana Pollack's new gig.
  • What a pleasant discovery in photographer Ed Wargin's Fresh Coast Project with its terrific Great Lakes images. On film - not digital - no less!
  • Canadian media are reporting that there is a surprising show of interest by the province of Ontario for a nuclear waste dump on their shore of Lake Huron. That, you may recall from geography class, is across the lake from our shore of Lake Huron.
  • Speaking of Lake Huron, did you know that it and Lake Michigan are hydrologically the same thing? And if you are fascinated by the lakes' bottoms, this weekend's Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival in Ann Arbor might be your thing.
  • If you read Tuesday's Michigan Distilled post, you already know about this. But here's more from the Energy Innovation Business Council on how renewable energy is an economic driver in Michigan.
  • Finally, Newt Gingrich has taken a cue from the Chevy Volt bashers at the Detroit News' editorial page. He complained that you can't put a gun rack in Volt. False, as this guy proves beyond a doubt.


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