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Urge Governor Snyder to veto HB 4205


HB 4205 would have far-reaching negative impacts on both public health and the environment, not to mention it would drive up Michigan's legal costs. The Great Lake State should not rely on one-size-fits-all federal standards that only provide minimum protections for our water, air, land and public health.

This bill on Governor Snyder's desk would restrict state agencies from setting more protective standards than the federal government. In order to protect Michigan residents from PFAS and other toxins, our environmental regulations should be shaped by state decision-makers and based on the best science available.

Send Governor Snyder an email urging him to veto this bill

With the Trump administration rolling back many vital environmental regulations, this is not the time to leave the Great Lake State in the hands of the federal government. Our natural resources need policies that are as unique as they are. Michigan lawmakers should be working to make our state more attractive for families and entrepreneurs who want a safe, clean, and beautiful place to call home.


This bill was originally introduced to the Michigan House in the summer of 2017. Specifically, it prohibits state agencies from adopting or creating rules that are stricter than federal standards, unless they can demonstrate exceptional circumstances. Governor Snyder vetoed a similar piece of legislation beforehand, but has indicated he might support the bill this time around. 

Federal regulations are inherently meant to be the lowest standard states must meet. Occasionally, Michigan lawmakers have gone above and beyond these federal standards to protect the health and natural resources of Michigan. Governor Snyder did this recently to protect Michigan families from lead in the water. With this legislation, however, the ability for the state to protect Michigan residents and environment would be hampered and standards like those just adopted restricted. 

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