Michigan mourns passing of Gov. William Milliken

“The 37 million acres that are Michigan is all the Michigan we will ever have.”  -- Governor William Milliken

Statement attributable to Conan Smith, Michigan Environmental Council President & CEO:

"When I was in my 20’s I got tasked with leading MEC’s land use work, and Governor Milliken was already an icon. I remember meeting him at the MEC office, his gentle smile, his firm handshake, and his steady admonition that we were doing the most important work. He was an outstanding leader and extraordinary public servant throughout his life and career. His wisdom and diplomacy helped guide Michigan through some serious environmental challenges -- lessons in leadership that should echo through the ages. As governor, his recognition and stewardship of our amazing natural resources created a culture of conservation that still benefits us today."


Statement attributable to Lisa Brush, Executive Director of The Stewardship Network and Board Chair of the Michigan Environmental Council:

Governor Milliken’s life of public service has inspired a legion of civic-minded leaders in Michigan. We honor him and his wife Helen with an annual award in their names. The award itself is a brass bell. There’s one in the MEC offices that we ring whenever we celebrate an environmental victory. The peals of that bell are echoing through eternity today in honor of Governor Milliken. Michigan is as precious a place today as it has ever been thanks to his dedicated work and leadership. We send our hearts out to those who feel his absence. Every time we ring that bell we honor his and Helen’s impact in our lives.



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