Michigan Youth Climate Strikes demand action on climate change

On March 15, 2019 Michigan will join the movement and strike to show the climate crisis is the most important issue humanity faces. Strikes are taking place all across America along with over 40 countries around the world. Kate Madigan, director of the Michigan Climate Action Network and energy and climate specialist at the Michigan Environmental Council, will speak at the Traverse City event and issued the following statement in support of the Michigan Youth Climate Strikes.

"It is so exciting to see young people around the world today demanding action on climate change, and especially to see Michigan high school students leading climate strike events in cities around our state. Michigan Climate Action Network has been working with the incredible students who are leading these events and we wholeheartedly support them.

We are in a moment right now where inaction and denial about global warming is changing. Public awareness and concern about climate change is at an all-time high. We now have elected leaders in Congress pushing for policy solutions to climate change that are actually bold enough to deal with this crisis. Here in Michigan, we just elected pro-climate leaders to the very highest offices in our state. In her first days in office, Governor Whitmer joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, committing Michigan to uphold the principles of the Paris climate agreement.

What gives me the most hope is the young people stepping up and leading climate strikes today in more than 100 countries around the world, including events in Ann Arbor, Lansing, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Holland, Jackson and Traverse City.

This is finally starting to feel like the appropriate human response to this crisis.

We have the ability to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, if we act now. It’s possible, we have the technology right now, we just need political will -- the leaders who will vote yes. To get there we need people to rise up and demand it.

Every successful social movement in our history has been led and energized by young people, and we are encouraged that the young people of Michigan are taking action and fighting for the future that they deserve.”

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