Megan Tinsley

Megan Tinsley

Water Policy Director

Megan makes Michigan's water clean, filled with wildlife, and available to all residents. She does this by crafting the best solutions to our natural area's threats and bringing them to lawmakers and other movers and shakers at the Capitol to inspire change. She also brings groups and people together to make the most transformational changes happen across the state.

The Delta Charter Township resident comes to the Environmental Council with 12 years of combined experience at two Audubon Societies. She began as an Everglades science advocate and policy associate at Audubon Florida, where she coordinated with scientists and other allies to advance restoration projects like increasing freshwater flows to Florida Bay. She then moved to New Jersey Audubon as a conservation associate and a policy director. There, she played a crucial role in passing an open space preservation ballot measure; managing and coordinating policy campaigns with allies; and advancing legislative measures beneficial to wildlife.

Complementing Megan's career is a bachelor of science from the University of Tennessee and a masters of marine affairs and policy from the University of Miami. Prior to graduate school, she took part in marine biology projects with the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation.

After work, Megan can be found in her yard-turned-habitat. It serves as a place for pollinators and birds and as a certified Monarch Waystation. They are great compliments to three of her favorite activities: native plant gardening, birdwatching and raising, tagging and releasing Monarch butterflies with her daughter.

Megan also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family: husband Chris, and daughter Zinnia.


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