Friday linkaround: Big week for cyclists and the DNR finds a lost toddler!

Good Friday everyone! Here are some items of interest from the week that's drawing to a close:

It was a big week for our friends at the League of Michigan Bicyclists, with two legislative victories: House passage of revised right-turn signals and vulnerable roadway user legislation.

The state released this draft report last week on its findings regarding customer choice in the electric utility market. The report stays scrupulously neutral on the question of whether to expand competitive choice beyond the current 10% cap.perhaps indicating the governor will not be proposing significant changes to the program. More explanation on the choice cap is here (PDF)

Good writing leads this important story about Great Lakes water levels: "In 1998, President Bill Clinton was embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, the Detroit Red Wings won their ninth Stanley Cup, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google Inc. in Menlo Park, Calif. It was also the last year that Lake Michigan water levels were at their long-term average height."

It's been 7 years since the Washtenaw and Livingston rail commuter line was proposed. But as this letter writer notes, the average time for such projects is 11 years. Don't be discouraged!

The irrepressible Jeff Kart writes about one of our favorites, Michigan's Dark Sky park, for Tree Hugger.

West Michigan friends note that Jon Allan of the Office of the Great Lakes will host a public forum next week in Muskegon. Pre-registration ends today. But we bet they'll let you slide if you call Monday!

And finally, after a night alone in the woods it was a Department of Natural Resources Conservation officer who found missing 2-year-old Amber Rose Smith and brought her to safety. Great photo with this story!


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