Bottle Bill legislation reforms address plastic pollution and make returns easier

Today, Kalamazoo lawmakers Rep. Jon Hoadley and Sen. Sean McCann introduced legislation that will modernize Michigan’s Bottle Bill to uphold the spirit of the law that was overwhelming adopted by Michigan voters 40 years ago to address pollution in our rivers and streams. Changes include expanding the deposit to all beverages except dairy, and requiring universal redemption so Michigan consumers can take back all their bottles to wherever they chose.

As beverage markets have changed from being dominated by pop and beer to having the majority of the market now be water, tea and other drinks, it’s time to update Michigan’s law. Supporters had this to say about the bills (House Bill 5306 & Senate Bill 701):

“With plastic pollution in the news almost daily, now is the time for Michigan to update our most effective pollution prevention law to meet modern consumer trends,” said Sean Hammond, Michigan Environmental Council Policy Director. “These changes also allow for more investment in pollution prevention and response, and for the first time from the bottle bill escheats into recycling programs."

"Expanding the scope of the Bottle Bill is necessary to keep up to date with the growth of single-use plastic, which is increasingly ending up in our rivers, lakes, streams and landfills,” said Nick Occhipinti, Michigan League of Conservation Voters Government Affairs Director. “By creating a system for universal redemption, it will be easier for consumers to redeem their deposit, reducing plastic pollution and boosting our recycling rate."


Download the Bottle Bill - Major Changes Fact Sheet 2019

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