Our policy experts analyze proposed laws and regulations, meet with stakeholders and lawmakers, and advocate for public policy decisions to protect the health of Michigan's people and natural resources.

Here's priority legislation we're tracking during this legislative session, including the bill number, our position, and a link to the bill's status on the Michigan Legislature website.

Clean Water

HB 4205 -- No stricter than federal


This bill would prevent the state from promulgating administrative rules that are more stringent than the federal government unless the state can prove by clear and convincing evidence the need to have that rule. This would result in weaker protections for the Great Lakes and massive litigation costs each time the state attempted to undertake a rulemaking.

Our View: House's "No Stricter" bill signals the end of "Pure" Michigan if approved by Senate;
Rehashed House bill aims to make Michigan mediocre again 

Bill Status HB 4205


HB 5095 -- Weaken Michigan's ballast water standards


This bill would lower the state’s standards for ballast water treatment against aquatic invasive species. The bill would be a significant step backward from the state’s long history of leadership in protecting the Great Lakes from new aquatic invasive species.

Our View: Great Lakes advocates slam Michigan plan to weaken ballast water standards

Bill Status HB 5095


SB 292 -- Decommission Line 5


This bill would put into law a process where a pipeline easement on the bottomlands of the Great Lakes would have to do a review of risks and alternatives under the GLSLA ultimately leading to the decommission of the line if it is found to present a high risk to the public trust.

Our View: An aging oil pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac threatens our Great Lakes with a devastating oil spill

Bill Status SB 292


SB 652 & 653 -- Delegation of State Rulemaking and Permitting Authority to Private Interests


We oppose these bills because they delegate some of the most important functions in state government -- rulemaking and permitting -- to individuals that represent regulated industries.

Our View: MEC letter to Senate Natural Resources Committee

Bill Status SB 652  Bill Status SB 653


Human Health

HB 4051 -- Require lead screening test for at-risk children under 6 years of age


The department shall require that all Medicaid recipients under 6 years of age and all MIChild enrollees under 6 years of age receive an annual lead screening test. This is a solid step forward toward testing all Michigan kids under the age of 6 for lead poisoning and we support it with slight modifications.

Our View: MEC Health Policy Director appointed to Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission;
Advocates rally in Lansing to end lead poisoning;
With lead in the spotlight, MEC-lead coalition calls for more state funding to protect kids

Bill Status HB 4051


Land & Conservation

SB 302 & SB 303 -- Attack on Michigan's Public Lands


These bills would make it easier to sell state-owned forestland and other public lands to private companies wishing to mine or develop land, while making it more difficult for the state to acquire more public lands for hiking and recreation. It would also remove policy tools the Michigan Department of Natural Resources uses to manage motorized access to create quiet areas and protect sensitive habitats on state lands.

Our View: Senate acts to put public lands up for sale
Does the state own too much land?  No, and here's why: A primer on Michigan's land strategy

Bill Status SB 302; Bill Status SB 303


Cities & Hometowns

SB 123, 124, and 170 - Bicycle Safety


These bills would mandate a 5-foot passing lane for cyclists and more time in drivers education to be dedicated to teaching young drivers how to handle vulnerable roadway users and safely share the road.

Bill Status SB 123; Bill Status SB 124; Bill Status SB 170


SB 51 -- Michigan Infrastructure Council


This bill would create an infrastructure council charged with putting together a plan to manage public and private infrastructure updates in the state. This includes regional pilot projects and an infrastructure asset management database system. 

Bill Status SB 51



HB 4266 -- Backyard Gardens


This bill would allow for fruit/veggies/livestock production at non-commercial scale and allows for transfer/sale of products. 

Bill Status HB 4266