Action Alert: Tell your Senator to vote NO & protect the Great Lakes

The health of our Great Lakes shouldn't be put in the hands of the Trump Administration, but earlier this summer the House approved a bill that would block state leaders from doing anything more than the federal bare minimum to protect our environment.

Last week, the Senate Oversight Committee also approved the bill, and now the Senate may vote on it as soon as tomorrow. If passed, this bill will strip the state of its voice in regulations that directly impact our health, quality of life and the legacy we leave for future generations.

Call your Senator today at (517) 373-2400 and urge them to vote NO on House Bill 4205
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House Bill 4205 will bar Michigan from passing any rule stricter than a federal standard, which is often a minimal, one-size-fits-all safeguard and not the strong protections we need. Our state leaders have often gone beyond federal minimum standards to make our state worthy of its Pure Michigan label, but this bill would end that tradition.

We can't let this bill pass. Call your Senator at (517) 373-2400 today!

This bill will only make it harder to protect residents from public health threats. With new and emerging issues that affect Michigan residents’ health, such as the recently discovered water contamination from chemicals known as PFAS in Grayling, Plainfield Township, and Oscoda, we must not cede our authority to protect residents to the federal government.

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