Michigan mourns passing of Gov. William Milliken

Environmental leader and "Michigan's Passionate Moderate"

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PFAS in Michigan: What we know and what we need

PFAS are a pervasive group of manufactured chemicals that have been found in Michigan's drinking water.

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Conflicts of interest plague review panel decisions on PFAS water protections

Public health, community, and environmental groups call for transparency, ask member with financial stake in outcome to recuse himself 

The Environmental Rules Review Committee (ERRC) -- created in 2018 by the Republican-led legislature and signed into law by Governor Snyder -- is heavily dominated by representatives from industry and the regulated community. Members of the ERRC are likely to have direct, financial conflicts of interest during their service on the Committee depending on which rule set is being taken up. Despite disclosure of conflicts of interest and recusal from decision-making being common good governance procedures, the legislature did not include these requirements in the statute that created the ERRC.

Manistee County Commissioners applauded for upholding water protection ordinance

The Manistee County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday voted 5-1 to reject a proposal to repeal the Kalkaska point of sale septic inspection ordinance. Michigan Environmental Council applauds this vote as a major victory for residents concerned about failing septic systems contaminating water in the region. Over 100,000 failing septic systems in Michigan discharge an estimated 30 million gallons of sewage into our water everyday because Michigan does not have a comprehensive inspection system for septics. 

Michigan mourns passing of Gov. William Milliken

“The 37 million acres that are Michigan is all the Michigan we will ever have.”  -- Governor William Milliken