State should heed science panel's findings, keep fish farms out of Great Lakes

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State reports issued this week on proposals to farm fish in Michigan's public waters make it clear that commercial aquaculture has no place in the Great Lakes, environmental and conservation groups say. The reports were the product of workgroups assembled by the departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Quality and Agriculture and Rural Development to look into the scientific, environmental, economic and regulatory considerations regarding potential Great Lakes aquaculture.
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DEQ once again failing to put public health first, advocates warn

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Changes to state regulation of toxic air emissions proposed today by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality would raise the risk of serious health impacts among Michigan families, particularly in vulnerable communities, public health advocates caution. The department today announced it is moving forward with a proposed administrative rule change requested by industry to deregulate 500 toxic chemicals which have been subject to oversight in the past.
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Pipeline safety report includes the right ideas, now needs strong action

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Pipeline safety recommendations issued today by state officials will go a long way toward safeguarding the Great Lakes and Michigan's inland waters from oil spills, but only if they are implemented with a sense of urgency and accountability, water-protection advocates said.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on Senate transportation package

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This plan falls far short of what's needed to create a Michigan transportation system that works for everyone. While the package would provide a modest funding increase for public transit, the legislation fails to put all new revenue through the traditional funding formula that supports transit, rail, trails, harbors and the rest of Michigan's complete transportation system. Our roads are obviously in terrible shape, but our public transportation infrastructure is also in crisis.
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Michigan Environmental Council statement on Michigan v. EPA

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Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement today in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Michigan v. EPA: "This ruling is an unfortunate setback for efforts to protect public health.
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Cleaning Up White Lake

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I don’t think most people would imagine the picturesque White Lake area, situated in the northern portion of Muskegon County, as a polluted toxic hot spot. But that’s what it was at one time. It isn’t anymore, and that’s truly a good story.
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