Zero Waste Detroit

Zero Waste Detroit provides outreach and education around recycling with the City of Detroit, specifically in promoting recycling and waste reduction directly to residents. 

Zero Waste Detroit formed in 2007 as a coalition of local groups advocating for curbside recycling -- a materials recovery system to bring new jobs and economic development to the city -- and ending waste incineration with its associated air pollution. Coalition milestones include initiating a curbside recycling pilot program in 2009, rolling out a citywide curbside recycling program in 2014, and the closing of the trash incinerator in 2019.

Now Zero Waste Detroit provides curbside recycling education services to residents of Detroit to continually increase eligible resident participation. Zero Waste Detroit’s approach to outreach workshops in neighborhoods reaches residents who do not ordinarily go to organized community meetings, and this outreach extends the reach of valuable City information.

Michigan Environmental Council provides material and staff support to the Zero Waste Detroit coalition, to help execute its strategic plan which includes advocacy for recycling and composting programs, improving public awareness of sustainable solid waste practices and encouraging participation in recycling programs. 

For more information, contact:

Deborah Stewart Anderson
Zero Waste Detroit Coordinator
Michigan Environmental Council 
[email protected]

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