Yard waste bill: Guaranteed bankruptcy


Update: The House just voted 66-41 to bankrupt the state's composting business. We will move to the Senate to try and save this industry. -- MEC

Yesterday we told you about the calamitous legislation being pushed in the Michigan House of Representatives that would decimate Michigan's composting industry. The bills would send yard waste into to landfills rather than to dozens of Michigan composting companies that are turning it into valuable, locally-made products.

Lobbyists for the dump industry -- er, landfill industry -- are at it again today.

We talked to Tom Turner this morning. He has five composting facilities across the state. "Guaranteed bankruptcy" is his assessment on the legislation. A real two-fer for legislators -- legislation that kills jobs and hurts the environment.

Here's our latest take. Now would be a good time to call your legislators!


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