Wednesday Linkaround!

Wednesday linkaround!

Here's a fascinating story from the Metro Times about the deadliest storm ever to pound the Great Lakes, 100 years ago this November - one with the same dynamics as "The Perfect Storm" that author Sebastian Junger made famous.

The Environment Report is doing a weeklong series on fish in the changing Great Lakes. Here is the first story and here is a link to the series to date.

Also from Michigan Radio, more on the proposal to store nuclear waste near Lake Huron. MLive has a longer story.

Again from Michigan Radio, a Dept. of Community Health  report finds no long-term health effects from the Kalamazoo oil spill. Long-term may be the key, but it is still interesting to compare it to an earlier DCH report on the acute effects of the spill that found 58% of 550 people surveyed near the site said they had headache, trouble breathing, vomiting, dizziness or other symptoms.

Finally, here's some good news from the State House. Long overdue tweak to how Michigan cyclists should indicate a right-hand turn.



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