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Send your state representative an email urging them to vote no on HB 5752 & 5753. It's how we keep Michigan's water clean!

Tell Your Rep: Vote no on House Bills 5752 and 5753

With toxic and nuisance algal blooms plaguing many of our waterways and widespread E. Coli contamination across the state, Michigan needs to adopt common sense measures to stop the millions of gallons of raw sewage that flows into our groundwater and our lakes, rivers, and streams every day. Unfortunately, HB 5752 and 5753 do not accomplish this. 

It's imperative that Michigan comes into line with every other state in the country and establishes a statewide septic code and inspection program to ensure septics are being properly installed, maintained, and repaired. 

Send Your State Rep an Email Urging Them Not to Adopt These Bills

Although these bills establish a process for the state to create a statewide code, they fall short in adequately safeguarding our groundwater and lakes, rivers and streams. Ultimately, these bills leave room for failing septic systems to go unchecked, which means more raw sewage flowing into our lakes, rivers, and streams.

Specifically, these bills preempt current point of sale ordinances set by townships and counties that inspect, identify, and fix failing septics, and prohibit the creation of these ordinances in the future. This removes critical tools for local governments to ferret out and address failing septic systems.

Without a strong inspection system, our waters will continue to be polluted with pathogens that threaten human health and nutrients that fuel algae growth. Email your state representative today by using this form and tell them to oppose HB 5752 and 5753.


Michigan remains the only state in the nation that doesn’t have a statewide septic code, which results in little to no regular inspection of septic systems in many parts of the state.

According to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, 130,000 failing septic systems are leaking 30 million gallons of raw sewage into Michigan’s water every day. This results in alarming levels of harmful fecal bacteria and pathogens like E. coli in our lakes, rivers, and streams. Failing septics release phosphorus and nitrogen found in human waste into our environment which fuels the growth of toxic and nuisance algae blooms. Failing septics are fouling our beaches and waters, leading to beach closures every summer, and endangering the health of Michiganders.

In 2015, researchers from Michigan State University sampled 64 rivers in the Lower Peninsula and found E. coli from human waste in every river.

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