Turning crusaders to milksops

Renewable energy sure takes a beating from free marketers like Heritage Foundation policy analyst Ben Lieberman, who said in November saying wind power is "a bubble which bursts as soon as the government subsidies end."

In Michigan, bashing clean energy's alleged dependence on subsidies is a staple for conservative activists including the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, the Detroit News' editorial board, and WRJ's Frank Beckmann. Subsidies for clean energy make them apoplectic ( the NY Times' 21st most looked up word!)

So why do they turn from raging champions of the free market to milksops when the topic turns to the huge and ongoing subsidies for fossil fuels? We've asked the question repeatedly, including at a Mackinac Center gathering in 2010, but have yet to receive a coherent answer.

Now, President Obama has outlined a plan to eliminate $39 billion in fossil fuel tax breaks over the course of the next decade. Consistency would dictate that the Heritage Foundation and its Michigan sidekicks promptly and loudly denounce these market-distorting tax handouts and support the President's plan to eliminate them.

Don't hold your breath.



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