TRIVIA TIME: Test your knowledge of Michigan’s State Parks

How much do you know about Michigan's State Parks? Test your knowledge here!

1. In 1895, what became Michigan’s first state park?

a) Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park 
b) Mackinac Island State Park 
c) Belle Isle State Park 
d) Grand Haven Beach State Park 

2. OK, so what was the second state park (1918), which still boasts the largest campground in the system?

a) P.J. Hoffmaster State Park (Muskegon) 
b) Traverse City State Park 
c) Interlochen State Park 
d) The Mystery Spot 

3. What do these state parks have in common: South Fox Island, Copper Harbor, Big Sable, Sturgeon Point?

a) They were once owned by Henry Ford 
b) They each have a lighthouse 
c) They are settings for scenes in Ernest Hemmingway short stories 
d) They are home to the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler 

4. There are eight ‘major’ waterfalls within state parks. But staff at the Porcupine Mountains State Park boast there are how many smaller waterfalls in that park?

a) 1,400 
b) 312 
c) 91 
d) 18 

5. Which of the following is NOT true of Meridian-Baseline State Park?

a) It designates the spot where all township, range and section measurements begin for the entire state of Michigan. b) It has a transmitter that beams latitudinal and longitudinal correction data to GPS satellites twice each day. 
c) It is not accessible to the public. 
d) It is northeast of Jackson, MI. 

6. Palms Brook State Park in the Upper Peninsula is home to the Kitch-iti-Kipi spring, which produces more than 10,000 gallons of crystal clear water every day. The American Indian phrase Kitch-iti-Kipi translates roughly to what?

a) Very moist 
b) Big cold water 
c) Chilly swimming hole 
d) Ice Mountain, subsidiary of Nestlé 

7. How many rare and endangered plant and animal species can be found in Michigan’s state parks and recreation areas?

a) More than 30 
b) More than 100 
c) More than 200 
d) Endangered wildlife is a hoax perpetuated by cunning biologists 

8. The state’s only urban state park is located on the waterfront of what city?

a) Detroit 
b) Grand Haven 
c) Munising 
d) Paradise 

9. Sanilac Petroglyphs Historic State Parks is notable for:

a) Its fun and hard to pronounce name 
b) Its location near the awesomely named town of Bad Axe c) Its mysterious American Indian rock carvings 
d) All of the above 

10. Michigan’s smallest state park is:

a) Wagner Falls Scenic Site at 22 acres 
b) Seashell City State Historic Park at 11 acres 
c) Tippy Dam Overlook Area at 4 acres 
d) Frankenmuth State Fried Chicken Historic Marker Site at 1.5 acres

Answers: 1. B) Mackinaw Island; 2. C) Interlochen; 3. B) Lighthouses; 4. C) 91 Waterfalls; 5. B) Transmitter; 6. B) big cold water; 7. C) more than 200; 8. A) Milliken State Park on the Detroit River; 9. D) all of the above; 10. A) Wagner Falls

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