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23rd Annual Event Sponsors

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We look forward to seeing you at the 23rd Annual Environmental Awards Celebration!


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Superior Sponsors

                Hon. Rebekah

Michigan Sponsors

Anne & Paul Glendon
Trout Guerillas
Alma Wheeler Smith

Huron Sponsors

P.J. Petitpren
Lana & Henry
Leonard & Margaret Weber

Erie Sponsors

Richard & Mary
Lisa Brush
& Jim Frey
James Clift &
Wendi Tilden
Steve & Judy
Dale & Bruce
Carol Gagliardi
& Dave Flesher
Elaine & Christopher
& Phil Green
Gun Lake Tribe
Paul & Nancy
Thomas Kinnear
State Representative
Donna Lasinski
Arthur Nusbaum
Michael Penskar
& Maureen Martin
Tom Schupbach
& Kathy Songer
Brian Schwartz
Tara Smith
Tom & Laura 
Marianne Udow-Phillips
& Bill Phillips
Emma White

Ontario Sponsors

State Senator Jim Ananich
Judy & Rich Bearup
Lauren Bigelow
Janis Bobrin &
Michael Allemang
Mary & Don Brown
Tracy Dobson & Oscar Kent
Sandy & Jerry Draheim
Stephen & Janine Easter
Elizabeth & Matt Fedorchuk
Tim & Tara Fischer
Brad & Jennifer Garmon
Joseph Heringlake
John Hunting
Jeffrey Kingzett, Financial Advisor, Associate Vice President, Ameriprise Financial
Bob Martel & Lisa Sessa
Bruce Martin & Vicki Nelson
Olivia Maynard
Suzann & Mark Ogland-Hand
Kris Olsson & David Moran
Alicia Ping
Tom Porter
Evan Pratt & Ann Taylor-Pratt
Cheryl Ruble & Kevin Hlavaty
Sam Singh &
Kerry Ebersole Singh
Grant & Mary Trigger
David Waymire
Tom & Anne Woiwode