Support Tax Reform for Small Scale Solar

Support Tax reform for Small Scale Solar

More and more Michigan home and business owners are tapping into the benefits of solar energy, which includes saving money on energy bills, boosting local solar jobs, and contributing to cleaner air.

With these benefits and solar power technology getting cheaper every day, it’s no wonder that small-scale and rooftop solar installations increased by 28 percent in Michigan last year. The trend is clear: Michiganders want access to solar energy. Unfortunately, our patchwork tax laws are holding us back.

Use this form to tell your state representative to support tax reform for small scale solar!

Michigan currently has an uneven property taxation system when it comes to small-scale solar. For example, in some Michigan communities, residents see property tax increases when they install rooftop solar while others do not. This confusion and ambiguity is not necessary.

That is why we are urging Michigan state representatives to pass House Bills 4069 and 4465. Together, these bills would eliminate uncertainty by ensuring Michigan applies the same system of taxation for small-scale solar across the state and clarifying that existing tax exemptions apply to these installations. They would also ensure that a homeowner who installs solar would not be hit with a big property tax increase.

We are working to make sure these bills pass. But we need your help. 

The tax laws of Michigan need to catch up with the demands of the public, our need for more renewable energy, and the pace of technological development. In order to make solar energy accessible to everyone, our patchwork taxation system for small scale solar needs to be changed. Use this form to email your state representative urging them to vote yes on HB 4069 and 4465.

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  • Bob Vance
    commented 2019-04-23 20:16:40 -0400
    Please consider something beside party loyalty and your ties to corporate energy and its dedication to fossil fuels to reform tax structure to encourage small scale solar development. I have several friends who have installed solar systems here in northern Michigan. It saves them money and reduces the environmental pressure that is a result of increasing reliance on fossil fuels.