Stop Mining Tunnels

Protect the pristine waters and great wild places of the Upper Peninsula. Email your State Rep today to prevent industry from digging tunnels under our public lands without a public review.


Thanks to all who called or emailed your State Rep to vote against SB 839. Unfortunately, it passed the House on Tuesday, May 15 by a 63-46 vote. It now heads to Governor Rick Snyder's desk. Stay tuned for more info. 

Details on the May 15 vote in the State House, including a roll call of State Reps who voted for and against SB 839, are available here.

For similar info on the State Senate vote on March 22, see this info.

No review. No tunnels.

Porcupine Mountains state park—the Porkies—is one of OUR state’s signature wild places. If mining interests have their way, we’ll have no say if they plan to drill right under OUR park.

Senate Bill (SB) 839, which lawmakers sent to Governor Rick Snyder on May 15, would allow mines to expand their operations—through underground tunnels—without a public review.


Oil, gas, and mineral regulators at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) have a long history of putting the short-term financial interests of mining companies ahead of their obligation to protect the pristine waters and great wild places of the Upper Peninsula.

Led by Senator Tom Casperson, the industry’s long-time mouthpiece in Lansing, state lawmakers will vote next Tuesday (May 15) on S.B. 839. It will allow DEQ to green-light unfettered underground expansions of mines. It already passed the State Senate, but there is still time to stop it in the House.

If adopted, S.B. 839 will apply to all Michigan mines, including a new copper mine DEQ recently permitted just outside the western edge of our beloved Porkies.

That mining company has recently explored mineral deposits that extend beyond the reach of their current permit and underneath the Porkies. Under S.B. 839, mining companies would need nothing more than a simple thumbs-up from friendly officials at DEQ to extend their operations—without limit—underground. No public disclosure. No public review. No public comment.