Report: Electricity, gas protections during COVID-19 pandemic

This Michigan Environmental Council analysis outlines all Michigan utilities' commitments to shut-off moratoriums, reconnecting services and financial protections during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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On April 15, Michigan Public Service Commission, with the input of advocates, required regulated and cooperative utilities to affirm their commitment to their customers' physical and financial health. Actions include suspending disconnections, reconnecting services and providing financial support for those in need. Regulated utilities must also affirm they are tracking data on shut-offs and reconnecting services, while cooperative utilities are urged to.

On April 23, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, Citizens Utility Board of Michigan and MEC released a joint statement urging municipal utilities to make the same commitments.

The MEC report, like the current work of on-the-ground allies, is meant to hold utilities accountable. It will be updated regularly. 

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