Protecting the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are at the heart of Michigan’s heritage, culture and way of life. It’s our responsibility to shape policies that protect them for future generations to enjoy.

Generations of Michigan kids have grown up playing on Great Lakes beaches.  Families across the state rely on the lakes to provide safe, clean water, but today there is good reason to be concerned about the health of our Great Lakes.

Harmful algae blooms, aging oil pipelines, invasive species and other challenges threaten our continued enjoyment of the incredible resource that, quite literally, shapes our state.  Protecting our Great Lakes will always be at the heart of MEC’s mission -- they are an economic driver, a source of clean drinking water, and a core part of our identity as Michiganders.

Factory Fish Farms

Much like factory farming on land, factory fish farms are dirty, dangerous and have no place in our Great Lakes.

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PFAS in Michigan

PFAS are a pervasive group of manufactured chemicals that have been found in Michigan's drinking water.

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