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Q&A: Kirtland's warbler, a conservation success

Kirtland's warbler

Defining moments: Salmon, sausage and strategy at MEC's membership meeting

State's wildlife council should be broader than hunters and anglers (think, CraneFest!)

We wrote here a few weeks ago about legislation restructuring Michigan's hunting and fishing license fees to put more conservation officers and wildlife biologists in the field. Governor Snyder signed the measure into law a few days later. The changes take effect in March.

Wednesday Linkaround!

Wednesday linkaround!

Yes, the earth is still warming despite tortured interpretations of today's IPCC report!

Has the earth stopped warming? You might think so, reading or listening to climate skeptics putting their unique spin on the 5th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that is scheduled for release today.

Industry experts: Legislature must support, not undermine Michigan's alternative fuel vehicles

Dark skies: We've got 'em, officially, here in Michigan!

A piece on Wired.com caught our attention last week because it has something to do with a wild and beautiful corner of Michigan.

Michigan hunting, fishing license fee hike (first since 1997) will put more biologists, conservation officers in the field

More wildlife biologists and conservation cops soon will be in the field thanks to legislation approved Tuesday by the State House of Representatives. The bill raises about $20 million for natural resource conservation and management by increasing fees for hunting and fishing licenses.