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Prop 3's 'sky is falling' report's assumptions: Garbage in, garbage out

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy issued another doomsday report recently, claiming that achieving Proposal 3's 25% renewable electricity goal by 2025 would unleash economic Armageddon on our fair state, increasing bills hundreds of dollars annually.

Deceptive, dishonest: Exactly what Cravenly Against Renewable Energy group* paid for

Public Sector Consultants and Ken Sikkema should know better.

Clean Energy Roadshow a tangible tour of Michigan's progress

The founders of MiGrid asked me a few months back to come on their inaugural "Michigan Clean Energy Roadshow," a week-long road trip to 25-plus clean energy installations across Michigan.

We've got until Friday to tell MDOT: Focus on maintaining existing roads, improving public transportation, nonmotorized options!!

Election Day loser: Gov. Snyder weakens landmark sand dune protections

No matter how your favored candidates did in yesterday's primary, we all lost at the end of the day when Governor Snyder signed legislation that cripples protections for Michigan's most fragile sand dunes.

No Olympic bikinis? News scribe's latest jaw dropper cites Global Freezing

Detroit News editorial board member Henry Payne suggests this week that cool temperatures to start the London Olympics ("Global freezing" he calls it) will be a real downer for "media disciples of the Green Church" who "have been frightening Michigan and the U.S. with tales of global warming-induced drought."

Facts, not hysteria, on the cost of renewable energy in Michigan

There was a flurry of media attention last week when the Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs coalition turned in 530,000 petition signatures Friday. If approved, the group's ballot initiative will allow voters to decide whether to require the state's electric utilities to generate 25 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

Urban Chickens: Food & Fun!

Three new additions to our family arrived this spring - hens named Emma, Trunchable, and Getaway. No, we don't live in the country, but right inside the city limits of Traverse City.