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MEC blasts Senate passage of bills that put environmental quality in the hands of polluters

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) issued the following statement in opposition to SB 652 and SB 653, two bills that would delegate Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s rulemaking and permit authority -- some of the most important functions in state government -- to individuals that represent the regulated industries.

Uprooting the barriers to healthy food access

MEC pilots CSA shares as a tool to fight childhood obesity and hunger

While legislative advocacy will always be at the heart of Michigan Environmental Council’s work, we’ve learned that sometimes we have to roll up our sleeves and lead on-the-ground pilots to support our policy goals. Nowhere has this been truer than our work on childhood obesity and healthy food access.

MEC & WMEAC call out DEQ’s attempt to repeal its rulemaking authority

After issuing standards on PFAS, agency aims to surrender its ability to issue similar protections in the future

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issued new limits on allowable levels of PFAS — a class of manufactured chemicals — in drinking water and set standards for the clean up of contaminated sites. However, in a separate action, the DEQ attempts to surrender its authority to issue similar environmental protections in the future.

MEC & Michigan LCV to host drinking water town hall in Kalamazoo on Jan. 25

On Thursday, January 25, Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) and Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) will hold a drinking water town hall in Kalamazoo. The event is designed to provide residents an opportunity to learn about their drinking water, including where it comes from, how it is treated and transported on the way to their taps, and what contaminants are potentially present.

Talking trash: overhauling Michigan’s landfill-first waste policy

From Faygo to Vernors, Michigan is great at making beverages. We’re also a leader at recycling those bottles.

Michigan launched its bottle deposit program in 1976 to protect our rivers and streams from litter, and it’s been a huge success. Ninety percent of the pop and beer cans and bottles sold in the state are recycled, but that’s where the buck stops with recycling in Michigan.

Great Lakes advocates slam Michigan plan to weaken ballast water standards

On Wednesday, November 8, leading advocates for the Great Lakes and Michigan’s natural resources denounced an effort by Michigan legislators to lower the state’s standards for ballast water treatment against aquatic invasive species. The bill would be a significant step backward from the state’s long history of leadership in protecting the Great Lakes from new aquatic invasive species. The groups spoke out after the Senate Natural Resources Committee approved House Bill 5095 in a vote of 4 to 1—sending it to the full Michigan Senate for consideration.

Clean energy advocates celebrate opening of Traverse City solar array

Traverse City took a leap forward in meeting its ambitious goal of powering 100% of city operations with clean energy on Thursday, October 26 with the opening of the M-72 Solar Project.

Michigan Environmental Council Statement: Senate acts to put public lands up for sale

Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) Deputy Policy Director Sean Hammond issued the following statement in response to the Senate’s approval of SB 302 and 303 on Thursday, October 19.