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MEC and Tip of the Mitt highlight key policy options in new U-M fracking report

The University of Michigan last fall released a report three years in the making that offers a comprehensive review of Michigan's policy options regarding fracking for natural gas and oil. While fracking has been used for decades in Michigan, new techniques use far greater quantities of water and chemicals and pose greater risks to the environment and human health.

Ten surprising facts in Michigan's new water strategy

Crafting a 30-year strategy to position Michigan's abundant (and awesome) water assets in a national and global context is no easy feat. MEC is grateful to Governor Snyder for asking for such a plan, and to Jon Allan and his team at the Office of Great Lakes (OGL) for pulling a laudable draft of one together.

Less than stellar state transportation funding outcome has three bright spots

The transportation funding package Gov. Snyder signed into law last November brought a disappointing end to the years-long debate over how to raise much-needed funding for Michigan's transportation system. The approved package has many serious failures.

David Ermisch and Craig Lamberton: Celebrating marriage with MEC

Though he now lives on the East Coast, it's clear that Cheboygan-raised David Ermisch still loves Michigan's Great Lakes and wild places. For one thing, he didn't let a late-summer cold front with temperatures in the 50s stop him from swimming in Lake Michigan during a visit to his family's cottage in the Upper Peninsula.

Bell ringers! Environmental successes won in recent weeks

In each issue of the Michigan Environmental Report, we celebrate accomplishments by MEC and member groups.

Coalition forms to support regional transit in Southeast Michigan

Michigan Environmental Council is collaborating with Ecology Center, Harriet Tubman Center, Metro Matters, M.O.S.E.S., Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M), and Transportation Riders United (TRU) to form Momentum, a regional coalition for 21st century transit in Greater Detroit.

Another way to help Flint

We've been getting calls in our office lately from people concerned about the Flint water crisis-folks from as far away as West Virginia and New Mexico-who want to know what they can do to help.

Report finds rapid growth in Michigan solar jobs

Michigan's solar industry employed 2,779 people in 2015, a 32 percent increase from 2014, according to industry data released Wednesday.