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DEQ proposed toxic air chemicals deregulation fails to put public health first

For more than a year, Michigan Environmental Council has been sounding the alarm about the state's plan to deregulate emissions of some 500 toxic chemicals into Michigan's air. We strongly oppose the Department of Environmental Quality's proposed rule change, which would raise the risk of serious health impacts among Michigan families, particularly in vulnerable communities.

PRESIDENT'S COLUMN: What I'm looking for in the next DEQ director

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is now in need of a new leader, due to Dan Wyant's resignation in the wake of the department's mishandling of the Flint drinking water crisis. Keith Creagh, director of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), is serving as the interim director until a permanent replacement can be found. So what qualities should a new director bring to this position?

Dogs know it when they smell it– Michigan business uses innovative team to track sewage contamination

Dogs have had jobs ever since they started hanging out with humans: Protect the sheep. Haul the sled. Keep rats out of the grain. These days pooches are punching the clock in some pretty sophisticated careers. They help people with disabilities navigate daily challenges. They track down missing persons. Their sharp noses can sniff out drugs, bombs–even cancer.

MEC submits comments on state's 30-year water strategy

MEC and several of our partners and members submitted formal comments on the draft document, Sustaining Michigan's Water Heritage: A Strategy for the Next Generation, created by the Office of the Great Lakes (OGL) at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

MEC leads effort to reconnect Michigan By Rail from Coast to Coast

Grand Rapids entrepreneurs catch the morning train to a meeting in Lansing and update their business plan on the ride home. A couple boards in Ypsilanti for dinner and a show with friends in Detroit. Michigan State students hop a train for a Saturday at the beach in Holland.

MEC President Chris Kolb named to co-chair Flint water task force

MEC President Chris Kolb was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder in October to co-chair a task force charged with determining the root causes of Flint's drinking water crisis, and making recommendations to ensure nothing like it happens again in Michigan.

Fish farms don't belong in the Great Lakes

This article was originally published in the Detroit Free Press and is reprinted here with permission. Multiple proposals to put fish farms in our shared Great Lakes waters are under consideration by state officials. We find it deeply troubling that this idea is even on the table. Michigan officials have been approached with at least two proposals for fish farms, in Lake Michigan near Escanaba and off Rogers City in Lake Huron. State agencies have assembled a panel to look into these plans and explore the possibility of aquaculture in Michigan's Great Lakes.


MISO, the folks in charge of managing the grid, have made it clear that Michigan actually has excess capacity. This is an attempt by the utilities to hang on to old, inefficient coal plants they should have shut down years ago.