Michigan Environmental Council supports Mayor Duggan’s vision for Detroit, but strongly believes the Office of Sustainability must be a part of it

While Mayor Mike Duggan did address some important issues facing Detroit in his State of the City address last night, he failed to recognize the importance of the Office of Sustainability. The Office of Sustainability’s goal is to create a long-term vision for the city of Detroit, one where public health and the environment are of paramount importance and protected for years to come. Michigan Environmental Council released the following statement in response:

“An Office of Sustainability in Detroit provides a practical process to make the city a safer, healthier, and cleaner place to live for its residents,” said Michigan Environmental Council Community Engagement Director Sandra Turner-Handy. “While we are pleased that the Mayor promised more jobs, new businesses, and stabilized housing for the residents of Detroit, the long-term future of the city must be considered as well. By not speaking about the role the Office of Sustainability must play, we lose the opportunity to inform Detroiters about the importance of having a clean, energy-efficient, safe, and healthy environment. The city of Detroit has rampant public health issues—like asthma, lead, cancer and other illnesses—that have been linked to environmental degradation. Mayor Duggan’s failure to address this issue and make clear his support for the Office of Sustainability was a lost opportunity in his State of the City address.”

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