Michigan Environmental Council applauds Gov. Snyder’s call for new funding to clean toxic sites

Michigan Environmental Council applauded Governor Snyder’s call for a replacement of the Clean Michigan Initiative (CMI) on Tuesday. 

"Governor Snyder’s call for a CMI replacement highlights the critical importance of investing in environmental clean up," said Chris Kolb, MEC president.

"With stories of contaminated drinking water headlining papers across the state, waiting even a year to secure new CMI funding would be a devastating blow to local economies where industrial contamination has prevented growth and polluted drinking water supplies."

"Voters approved the Clean Michigan Initiative in 1998, and the fund has allowed the state to clean up hundreds of toxic sites, helping cities like Detroit redevelop contaminated land and revitalize neighborhoods. CMI funds were fully expended this fiscal year, and the state legislature has taken no action to replenish the fund."

"We are encouraged by Governor Snyder’s announcement," added Kolb. "Our state lawmakers should follow suit and approve a funding replacement quickly-- the move would be a win for our state’s economy and public health."



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