Michigan Environmental Council applauds environmental priorities in Gov. Snyder’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget

Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) praised Governor Snyder's focus on new programs to protect human health and the environment in his Fiscal Year 2019 budget announced today.

“Governor Snyder’s renewed call for a Clean Michigan Initiative (CMI) replacement highlights the critical importance of investing in environmental cleanup,” said Chris Kolb, Michigan Environmental Council president.

“With 3,000 abandoned sites across our state, it’s time we fund these needed cleanups to protect our residents and natural resources and put these sites back into productive use.”

"Voters approved the Clean Michigan Initiative in 1998, and the fund has allowed the state to clean up hundreds of toxic sites, helping cities like Detroit redevelop contaminated land and revitalize neighborhoods. CMI funds are virtually gone, and the state legislature has taken no action to replenish the fund."

“Our state lawmakers should ensure that Governor Snyder's ambitious budget is implemented in whole and provides adequate replacement funding for this important program.”

“Governor Snyder's commitment to finding a new funding source for CMI and water infrastructure instead of shifting funds from one program to another as state coffers shrink is encouraging,” added Kolb. "The $110 million water infrastructure investment is a vital first step. These funds are essential for helping to get lead pipes out of the ground and make needed improvements to local communities’ drinking water, sewer, and stormwater systems. If we don't do it now, we'll pay even more later.”

"We are also pleased to see the $1.75 million continuation of general fund dollars for making homes lead safe. These dollars came as a result of the hard work of the Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Homes. With the addition of $24 million in federal funds for lead poisoning prevention efforts in this year's budget, Michigan is at a high water mark for making homes lead safe and protecting future generations of children."


Photo Courtesy Michigan Municipal League

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