MEC turns focus forward with new policy agenda


With an intense lame-duck session in the rearview, MEC's focus has turned toward a new legislative cycle and the policies we'll pursue for a stronger economy, cleaner environment and higher quality of life in Michigan.

Today we released a proactive policy agenda for the next couple of years-one that reflects input we gathered from MEC member groups over the past several months. It includes our targeted outcomes across a broad range of issue areas, from protecting our water resources and iconic wild places to accelerating our state's transition to a clean-energy economy, building a modern transportation system and ending lead poisoning in Michigan.

"This is about realizing our state's promise as a great place to live," said MEC President Chris Kolb in our press release announcing the agenda. "We're at the center of the world's greatest freshwater resource, we have unmatched manufacturing know-how and we offer outdoor experiences you can't find anywhere else. These policies will leverage Michigan's unique assets to create new opportunities and a higher quality of life for Michiganders. They'll also help keep more of our college graduates here and signal to educated workers elsewhere that Michigan values healthy, thriving communities and a clean environment."

You can read the press release here, or click here to view the full list of policy priorities.


Photo courtesy Brian via Flickr.

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