MEC statement: Senate panel approves anti-public land bills

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement Wednesday in response to the Senate Natural Resources Committee's approval of Senate Bills 39 and 40:

"We are disappointed that Senate leaders continue to operate from the false presumption that having an abundance of public land is a bad thing, when there is plenty of data to show that protected public land is a strong economic driver for Michigan and local communities.

"The bills approved today by the committee are in the same tradition as misguided legislation we have opposed in the past, such as anti-biodiversity bills and the ongoing cap on public land ownership.

"We continue to urge the Legislature to approve the DNR's long-term land management strategy and let the department's professionals do their job of managing our cherished public lands for the health of the resource and the enjoyment of the people of Michigan."


Andy McGlashen
Michigan Environmental Council
(517) 420-1908

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