MEC Statement: DEQ fails again to propose clean-up rules to protect public health

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) is disappointed that once again the DEQ has failed to act in the best interests of public health in the Clean-Up Criteria rule proposal. The latest iteration of the proposal still does not include a nimble process to update criteria levels to protect public health, instead opting to only allow the criteria to be adjusted to the benefit of business.

"This is the third time the DEQ has released proposed clean-up criteria rules, and is the third time they failed to adequately update the rules to protect public health,” said Chris Kolb, president of MEC. “We hope that before they publish the rules for public comment they will put in a process similar to air quality and water quality rules that allow for criteria to be updated as new science becomes available."

"Not having a process in the rules to adjust for new science has led to the massive delay in 1,4-Dioxane criteria being developed. With new health risks being discovered routinely, like the emerging threat PFCs are to our drinking water, the DEQ must have the ability to update criteria without having to go through a multiple year rulemaking each and every time," continued Kolb.

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